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Members of the Spa Fango Healthy Ageing Association and
facilities with certified therapists.

Here are some examples of facilities and therapists who can offer fungo therapy

Please make sure you check availability and holidays yourself before you go and book.


Edogawa-ku, Tokyo
La Verde

A moment of healing in your usual salon

The Patagonia Fungo Verde Pack is a full body, lymphatic pathway treatment using a selection of gels and oils to suit your condition. Let's regain a healthy body with beautiful skin, whitening and healthy aging.


Certified by SITH ALATh

Spa Fango Healthy Ageing Therapist Diploma qualified therapist


4-23-1 Kamishinozaki, Edogawa-ku

TEL / FAX 03-5666-5970



RINA セラピスト

Healing therapist

Rina uses only the best materials to enhance the natural healing power of the body. Once you have had a treatment with her, you will be sure to repeat it. Many of her clients come from far away.


She is a diploma holder of the SITH overseas training course for fungo therapists.

We are based in Kanazawa, Ishikawa.

We may not be able to answer the phone during treatment, so please contact us by email to make an appointment.




Mobile Fango Service TOKYO

We offer a footbath using Patagonian Fango Verde combined with a lymphatic massage.

This is a must for those with swollen feet and cramps.



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