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Spa Fango Healthy Aging Association
​ Introducing directors and lecturers


Hiroko Ishihara

Representative Director 

I have attended more than 5,000 athletes and VIPs from all over the world, and have seen the world's top mental and physical health care methods up close. Hydrotherapy was what many of the top people were using to regulate their minds and bodies.
In Europe, people have been using water effectively for health and beauty since ancient times by understanding its composition and combining it with mud and microorganisms. In Europe, they have been using water effectively for health and beauty by combining it with mud and microorganisms. They are also making efforts to protect the environment in order to preserve their natural resources.
In Japan, water resources are too familiar to us, but we are not fully utilizing their value.
Good water and mud grow good food and lead us to good health and beauty.
I believe that a truly beautiful person is one who understands that the environment is connected to everything, and is able to decide what is right for her/himself without being influenced by fads.
I started this association in order to create a society full of such beautiful people.
Let's take the first step together, "Flexible, Beautiful, Healthy and Beautiful for Life.

Brief history

After graduating from a four-year university, I came to the West with almost no knowledge of Spanish.
Returned to Japan after completing a one-year course for foreigners at Salamanca University.
After working a number of temporary and part-time jobs, went to graduate school. Obtained MBA in Hospitality Business from Rikkyo University.
Worked as a freelance Spanish interpreter, working on business projects, operations for international sports events, interpreting for press conferences, and producing subtitles for movies.
In January 2008, established a new type of travel agency that provides comprehensive services for overseas business coordination and event organization and management. 
Since 2008, he has been involved in the management of the Tokyo International Youth Football U14 Tournament, and in 2013, he was instrumental in inviting Boca Juniors to the tournament, quickly increasing the number of spectators.

Through many years of attending to and supporting foreign VIPs in Japan, he has built up a wide network of contacts in various industries.

In her personal life, she is tossed about raising her son and taking care of her mother, but she has a positive mindset that keeps everything fun. She is currently pursuing her new goal of obtaining an international coaching certification at an ICC accredited school in Europe.



Technical Advisor 

From time immemorial, living beings have instinctively known that water and mud can be used to heal wounds and diseases.

Living in modern civilisation, we have lost this instinctive sense. I believe that if everyone understands its usefulness theoretically and adopts it from what they can do, it will lead to a healthy and lively life.

 We don't see diseases, we see people. Even with the same problem or illness, each person has a different history of getting into that state, and the same methods may not help or work.

 We are convinced that integrative medicine will become more and more popular worldwide. I believe that Japan, with its abundance of onsen resources, has great potential to make better use of these resources for human health. Through cross-border exchanges, we can learn from each other's good points and grow together, aiming for a lifestyle that is kind to the planet and to ourselves.


Doctor, University of Rosario, Argentina

President of the South American Association of Thermal Therapy (ALATh)

Advisor to the World Thermal Organisation (OMTh)

Advisor to the International Society of Hydrothermal Techniques (SITH)

Member of European Wellness Tourism


Sports Medicine

General Medicine

Hydrotherapy treatment in Europe

<Technical Guidance>

Villaguay Hot Springs Medical Center (Argentina)

Health Village Pampas de Cla (Argentina)

Supervision of treatment in Fango Verde, Patagonia

Lectures on hydrotherapy and fungo-therapy

Italy, Cuba, Peru, Brazil, Chile, Austria, France, Spain


Las Termas Conceptos basicos (The basics of spa science)

Hydrotherapy and hot springs: scientific use for health

Hydrotherapy treatment manual

Validation and proof of hydrotherapy in circulatory diseases 

Publications on fungo-therapy and many other research papers

Translated with (free version)



Fukumi Kitamoto


Board Member 

I have been working with people for 40 years, dealing with their hearts and minds. Although my practice has been mainly in the medical field, I have come to believe that there are areas that cannot be reached by modern medicine alone, and that it is important to work holistically. I am interested in "rethinking food", "self-reflection through meditation" and "supporting health and beauty through the power of the earth" and this is how I discovered Spa & Fungo and the possibilities of new health development.
Through the activities of the association, I have learned how to accept and let go of the various problems that modern society is facing, such as interpersonal relationships and stress. I would like to help each one of you to find the answer.
Born in Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture. My grandfather and mother were cooks, and I grew up with an interest in food. Studied music therapy and play therapy at university under Dr. Yoshifumi Yamamatsu. 1981 Started working as a psychotherapist at Kanazawa Medical University. 2008, Art Therapist. 2019, Certified Psychologist, Expert Fasting Meister, Health and Beauty Nutritionist, Clinical Meditation Instructor.
2021, Governor's award for public health service
Director of the Japan Society for Clinical Music Research (Secretary General), Councilor of the Japan Society for Art Therapy, Delegate to the Japan Psychological Clinical Society, Director of the Japan Society for Clinical Music Therapy, Director of the Spa Fango Healthy Aging Association, Advisor to Kanazawa Inochi no Denwa, etc.



"Music Therapy for the Ageing Mind"  published by Ongaku no Tomo Sha in 2002.

"Clinical Psychology of Aging" (Nihon Hyoronsha) 1998
"Music Therapy and Humanity" (Ongaku no Tomo-sha) 1999
"Clinical Psychology of Aging" (Nihon Hyoronsha) 1998
"In Search of the Soul and Psychological Knowledge" (Sogensha) 2001
"Textbook for training Basic Course Practical Course in Dementia Care for the Elderly I" (Dai-ichi Hoki) 2001
"Textbook for training Basic Course Practical Course in Dementia Care for the Elderly II" (Dai-ichi Hoki) 2002
"Art Therapy Practice Course 4: Music Therapy" (Iwasaki Academic Publishing Co., Ltd.) 2004
"The Latest Nursing Practice for the Elderly: Dementia Care and Terminal Care "(Chuohoki) 2005
"Dementia treatment without drugs II: All about non-drug therapy" (World Planning Co., Ltd.) 2009
"Spiritual Care Learning from Dialogue and Communication" (Diagnosis and Treatment, Inc.) 2011


Goro Nagaoka

​Board member

When I was young, I lived in a small local city of Ontario, Canada, where I lived in for many years for university and working. It was a slow and simple lifestyle in a beautiful land of Canada. There were no smartphones, internet, SNS and even digital cameras. I enjoyed walking around the beautiful tree line street, smell of the air in each season. I can still remember that I was waiting for a local train for hours in snowy weather and all of sudden someone bought a cup of coffee for me.

 Back to Tokyo Japan, everything was faster than Ontario Canada. But I never forget that lifestyle I had in Canada, even though I was busy working in a big metropolis of Tokyo.

 I’ve met Fango in virtue of public relations. Taking advantage of this activities, I feel honored of being a part of the member of this association We hope that this association will be able to expand the value of Fango as much as possible, for everyone who considers the importance of healthy aging.



Goro was born in Minato-ku, Tokyo and raised in Shinagawa. He worked at Yusen Logistics (former Nippon Yusen Airlines) Toronto Branch, Ontario, Canada. At the same time, he was making a TV show called "Wai Wai Wide" and act a reporter for Japanese Canadian community at the multi-ethnic broadcasting station in Toronto.


After working at Viacom International, a U.S.-affiliated broadcasting management company, he worked at Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide, that is the U.S. advertising company called Ogilvy Mather Japan (currently Geometry Ogilvy Japan). He has been involved in many public relations activities for Japanese companies, foreign companies and government agencies.


He established Muromachiya Inc. in Tokyo in 2009. In addition to being responsible for public relations activities of many companies and government agencies, he also imports and sells organic/healthy items such as EX olive oil from Tunisia and coconut oil from the Philippines.


When the Great East Japan Earthquake happened, he was in charge of the public relations manager of the event that helped many disaster-affected dogs and connected between shelter dogs and new foster parents. He completed the master's program of social science at Rikkyo University. Received the Governor of Tokyo Award from the  Governor of Tokyo for his achievements in international exchange activities.

Hiroko Profile

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