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To coexist with the earth and to get your healthy aging life

There are times when you have tried many things for health and beauty, but you can't stick with them or feel the effects. If you are one of those people, please come to the door of our association.
A new world will surely open up for you.





医学・薬が発達していない時代 身と息と心を調え、自らの免疫力・体力を維持・向上させることで





一人ひとりがキラキラ✨できれば、周りもキラキラ 社会もキラキラ✨

自分にやさしく 人にやさしく 周囲にやさしく 





朝のルーティン ​お勧め動画配信中!​ 「調身」をクリック


現代人は、呼吸が浅い! 意識的呼吸を毎日の生活の中に取り入れると、感情が穏やかになり、ストレス・イライラが少なくなります。​お勧め動画配信中!恥ずかしがらずに思いっきりやることがポイント!​ 「調息」をクリック


好きな本を読んだり、映画を観たり自分自身の時間を大切にしましょう。 たまには自然の中へ出かけて大地や木の息吹を感じるのも良いですね!


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General Incorporated Association Spa Fango Healthy Aging Association Officer Introduction


Hiroko Ishihara

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Representative Director

I have attended more than 5,000 athletes and VIPs from all over the world, and have seen the world's top mental and physical health care methods up close. Hydrotherapy was what many of the top people were using to regulate their minds and bodies..・ ・ ・Read more


Fukumi Kitamoto

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For 40 years, I have been working close to people's hearts. It was mainly practiced in the medical field, but I came to think that there are areas that cannot be reached by modern medical care alone, and I strongly feel that it is important to be involved in holistic (whole person).・ ・ ・Read more

Goro Nagaoka

Goro Nagaoka

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon


When I was young, I lived in a small local city of Ontario, Canada, where I lived in for many years for university and working. It was a slow and simple lifestyle in a beautiful land of Canada.  There were no smartphones, internet, SNS and even digital cameras.     ・ ・ ・Read more 


Hugo Ficosecco

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Doctor/ Technical advisor

Since ancient times, it has been instinctively known that living things can use water and mud to heal wounds and illnesses. Humans living in modern civilization have a dull sense of instinct.

・ ・ ・Read more


​Adnres Campo

SITH President

Owner of Cuntis SPA in Spain ... more


Claudia Groisman

Doctor of Biochemistry

One of the most famous developers of additive-free, natural cosmetics ... more

We are looking for supporting members

We want to fill the whole Japan with healthy, beautiful and shining people.
We are looking for people who want to participate in our events, propose events, send out information about health and beauty, and just have fun and become beautiful together! For more information, please click on the icon.


Supporting member details

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