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The mud used in therapy is called fungo

ファンゴセラピー ハイドロセラピー

What is Fango?

A fango is a rock that has been weathered over a long period of time into grains such as sand and then deposited on the earth under the influence of groundwater, lakes and the sea. It is a mud. There are various names for it depending on the size of the particles and the ingredients it contains. In Europe, those used for therapeutic purposes are collectively called peroids. They are found all over the world and although they may look similar, no two muds are exactly alike.

The combination of minerals from the original rock and minerals from the water results in a variety of colours and characteristics.


The importance of water

Fangotherapy is closely linked to water. Hydrotherapy is well known for its use of the characteristics, pressure and composition of water, mainly for the treatment of pain and skin diseases. Hydrotherapy has a long history in Europe, where it became popular during the world wars when medicines were scarce. Our association, SITH, was born out of this movement and was created by doctors to study hydrotherapy.

In order to study the characteristics of local water and to make effective use of it for health and beauty, we are collaborating with overseas associations to rediscover the charms of Japan.

~ For understanding Fangotherapy in 30 seconds ~

~For understanding Hydrotherapy in 30 seconds ~


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